Post-Weight Loss

Post-Weight Loss

Have you recently lost weight? Are all of your clothes too big for you? Although buying new clothes is usually fun, you do not have to spend a fortune on a whole new closet. You have worked hard to get healthy and into shape, it is not fair for you to give up the clothes you once loved. Bring us all your favourite outfits and we will resize them to better suit you and your new body. And we will do our part to help you along your journey by offering 10% off your resizing alterations.

We can resize all types of garments from casual wear to formal wear. We can even resize suits without changing the original shape and design.

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Terms & conditions

  • Pricing - Our mobile service prices are the same as in-store prices. However there is a $15.00 travel fee if your order is under $50.00 or the difference to bring the total to $50.00, whichever costs you less. Orders can be a combination of alterations and dry cleaning. Click Here to see our extremely competitive prices.
  • Quotes - You can always Contact us for quotes on orders you are not sure about.
  • Payment - Invoices can be paid online before delivery or at the drop off time via Eftpos/Card or Cash to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Quality 100% Guaranteed - Opal is the highest rated Alterations and Drycleaning service provider in Canberra, customer satisfaction is our priority.

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