Formal Alterations

Our tailors are experts when it comes to all dresses and gown alterations. Whether it is a wedding, engagement party, school formal or any other event, it is our job to make sure that your dress fits you perfectly. We can advise you on the fit, length, measurements etc. Also if you have an old dress that you would like to wear again we can work to restyle and remodel it.

If you have bought a dress online and it doesn’t fit right or is not completely what you were after, we can work to alter and restyle it.

We specialise in shortening all types of dresses and gowns across all fabrics and designs. Please note that it is important to bring your shoes/heels to achieve the perfect length, unless you are planning on wearing flats.

Other services include: let out, take in, zippers, buttons and studs, repairs, adding sleeves or other material etc.

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  • Pricing - Our mobile service prices are the same as in-store prices. However there is a $15.00 travel fee if your order is under $50.00 or the difference to bring the total to $50.00, whichever costs you less. Orders can be a combination of alterations and dry cleaning. Click Here to see our extremely competitive prices.
  • Quotes - You can always Contact us for quotes on orders you are not sure about.
  • Payment - Invoices can be paid online before delivery or at the drop off time via Eftpos/Card or Cash to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Quality 100% Guaranteed - Opal is the highest rated Alterations and Drycleaning service provider in Canberra, customer satisfaction is our priority.

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