Suit Alterations and Tailoring

When it comes to looking good in a suit, the most important factor is the fit. Even the most expensive suit will look sloppy and unflattering if it doesn't fit just right. However, you could turn any off-the-rack suit, which are definitely not designed to fit everyone perfect, into a custom made one with a few adjustments. According to many experienced tailors including our team almost every suit needs the following alterations done in order for it to fit perfect.


1. Shorten Sleeves
2. Take-in the waiste
3. Narrow the sleeves
4. Jacket length
5. Take in from the shoulder


Visit our store to speak to one of our experienced tailors and to get expert advice on your suit alterations and tailoring.

We offer 30 minute turnaround on all standard pants hemming and quick adjustments upon request.