Restyle / Remodel

Restyle / Remodel

Bring us an old dress or shirt that you love and we can work to restyle and make it look like a whole new outfit.

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Terms & conditions

  • There is a $20.00 travel fee for orders under $50.00 (orders can be a combination of alterations and dry cleaning).
  • Mobile service prices are the same as in-store prices (see our Price List).
  • You can always contact us for quotes on orders you are not sure about.
  • Payment will be made after drop off and completion of job to ensure customer satisfaction. We accept Eftpos and cash.
  • No travel fee for group fitting.
  • At this point this service is only available to our ACT and Queanbeyan clients.
  • Click the ‘Book Now’ button to book an appointment with one of our traveling tailors/dry cleaners today.